Dupe tester: Benefit brow zings VS E.L.F brow kit

Brows are HUGE right now! Everyone wants their brows to be perfect and personally,  I believe that a good brow pulls your entire look together. There are millions of different products for framing and filling in your brows out there but my personal favorite are waxes and powders. The most convenient is brow kits/ boxes which feature a colored brow wax or pomade, a powder,  and a brush. Benefit cosmetics has a great one called brow zings! Their version contains wax,  powder,  a double ended brush,  and a mini pair of tweezers.

This set is amazing and so easy to get your brows to perfection status quickly and easily. Unfortunately,  this kit is also a little pricey.  At $34 for one set, it does set you back a pretty penny. So obviously,  when I realized that my E.L.F brow kit that I had sitting around the house was essentially the same thing,  I decided to compare them.

Now obviously,  as far as packaging goes,  Benefit wins by far.  It’s just a lot more fun and inviting looking. If I was going off of looks alone, I’d reach for  brow zings.

Internally,  you can see that the products are fairly similar (for comparison I got a medium shade in both) the wax and powder in the E.L.F kit have a much higher  contrast  between them than the Benefit ones do. However,  once applied, the colors look almost identical.

The right brow has the Benefit brow kit and the left has E.L.F. As you can see,  the colors are pretty similar though I think the Brow Zings matches my natural brow color a little better.

Both of these formulas apply fairly smooth and easily. I prefer the brow zings brush because it’s more precise and is longer so it makes it easier to use. The E.L.F formula applies a little more smoothly but doesn’t stay in place as well or as long.  The wax/pomade can run if you sweat too much unless you set it really well.

In general,  I think the Brow Zings is definitely a higher quality product and I prefer it over E.L.F’s brow kit. However, the Benefit kit is $34 where the E.L.F one is only $3. So, when you take this into account I’d say that this is still a pretty good dupe if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to a higher end product without sacrificing too much quality.

If you’d like to put this dupe to the test yourself, here’s where you can find Benefit brow zings and here’s where you can find the elf eyebrow kit