Unicorns Unite palette and update

Since I haven’t posted in almost two weeks,  here I am just promising I’m still alive and going to post super soon! 

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the palette I’ll be using in an upcoming post.  This is the unicorns unite palette by makeup revolution. I snagged this for about 10 dollars the same day I picked up my Carli Bybel palette. 

It features 12 shimmery shades and 6 matte shades along with a double ended sponge applicator. I thought that all of these colors were really fun abd a nice change from my usual nude eyeshadows.

Here’s swatches of the top row. As you can see,  some shades are definitely more buttery than others but they are all pretty pigmented.

This row swatched a lot easier, though a couple shades have some fallout. I really love this row as I don’t have many colorful shadows and I think all of these could be used to create some really fun looks. 

Here’s the last row,  of all matte shades.  I love that this palette has a mix of shimmer and matte shadows and all 6 of these are going to be perfect transition shades to go along with the rest of this palette.

All in all,  I’m really excited about this palette and think that it’s a really good quality for the price and can’t wait to play with it more. 

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed reading and be sure to keep your eye out for a new post featuring this palette!


BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette swatches and first impressions

I’ve been really, really excited about this palette ever since I first saw it on the Ulta website. I love neutral eyeshadows more than anything and this blend of mattes and shimmer shades looked absolutely perfect. Not to mention the 4 highlighter shades! After eyeing it online for sometime,  I snatched this up impulsively on my way to the checkout at Ulta yesterday and I’m so glad I did. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to play around with it, yet, but here are my swatches and first impressions of this gorgeous palette!


The first thing I noticed when opening this palette,  the shades are gorgeous! I love the mix of matte and shimmer shades in the shadows.  The four highlights all look really pretty,  too and I’ll probably find a way to use all of them at some point or another. 


Though these shades feel pretty creamy,  swatching the matte shades from the first row was a little tricky. They also had some fallout when I tried to swatch them and they aren’t crazy pigmented.  I love the colors,  though  hope they show up better with a brush and primer when I try to use them. The shimmer shade swatches just fine,  though it’s a little hard to see on my skin.  


The second row swatched a lot  easier and I feel like I’m going to be going to these shimmer shades a lot.  Again,  the matte shade  in this row had some fallout but it swatched much easier than the lighter shades. 

Look at these highlights! I am so impressed by these!  They swatched so easily and they’re all so gorgeous! I love these highlights and they’re such a good deal for the quality! 

All in all,  based off of my first impressions, I’m still pretty impressed by this palette. Though some of the shades did disappoint me a little bit,  I’m going to try them with some primer and see if that helps them show up better. However,  for the price it is definitely worth it for those highlights and shimmer shadows, alone. I can’t wait to play around with this one some more!