My top 5 colourpop lippie stix

Colourpop has gained major popularity lately and with good reason. They are a great, low cost product whose quality stands up to some of their pricier competition. Bonus, they’re cruelty free and all they’re lippie stix and lipliners are vegan! Needless to say, I am a huge fan. With so many colors, it’s hard to pick just one favorite so here are my top five colourpop lippie stix!



(left to right) Cami, Hype Girl, Polite Society, Cookie, Aquarius

5. Cami (matte x)


This one is definitely the most different of all the shades that I’ve chosen. It’s more of a  mauvey berry color and, as you saw from the swatches above, the rest of the colors fall more into the peachy and nude family. I love wearing this color when I’m dressing up more or going out at night. This is this is the only shade I own in their matte x formula of lippie stix but I love this formula and intend to get more of it. This one dries more than their regular matte formula (without drying out your lips!) to give you a really true matte finish while still leaving your lips so, so soft. Buy it here

4. Hype Girl (matte)


A really beautiful peachy/ coral shade with a slight blue undertone to it. This one is a great everyday lippie. Honeslty, most days this spring and summer I’ve just been rotating between these shades and my NYX matte lip creams, depending on my mood. Buy it here

3. Polite Society (matte)


Perfect spring/ summer lippie. It’s a beautiful coral color with orangey undertones. A shade like this can be used to brighten up a natural looking summer face or even be paired with a brown smokey eye for a more dramatic look. I don’t see it on their website right now, so maybe this one has been discontinued, I will look into it and update it when I find out.

2. Cookie (matte)


I have found my perfect nude lippie! Other nude lipsticks tend to be a little too light on my, or too brown. This one is absolutely perfect. I love pairing it with a nude eye for a sweet, natural look or with a really dramatic eye. It honestly is so versatile! Buy it here

  1. Aquarius (creme)



Browsing their website, I immediately loved the name of this one! I’m an aquarius and the name is honestly what sold me on this color. This is the only creme lippie stix that I own (I’m normally a matte girl) but I really love it. This shade is a really nice dusty rose and the creme formula gives it a nice, smooth finish with just a hint of shine. This is one of my go to lippies as it goes with such a wide variety of makeup looks. Buy it here

What are your favorite coourpop shades? Do you prefer the lippie stix or are you more of a fan of their lip creams? Let me know in the comments?

Haven’t discovered colourpop yet? Check out their website here



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