NYX soft matte lip creams swatches and review

I have an obsession.  I love lipstick. More specifically,  any sort of liquid lipstick.  Love,  love,  love. 

NYX is one of my absolute favorite drugstore brands.  The high quality and consistency throughout their products is well worth the (very reasonable) price.

I have a few different formulas of lippies from NYX but the one I have the most of is their soft matte lip creams. I have 5 different shades of these lip creams,  shown in the swatches below. 

The formula of these lip creams smells great,  like vanilla or cupcakes. They are fairly pigmented though they are thin which can be tricky during application.  You have to be sure your lips are exfoliated or the formula just will not stick. Also, I feel like the formula is inconsistent between the different shades that I have.  Some apply easily, in one layer and go on smoothly.  While others I need to apply multiple layers and I have trouble getting the color even across my whole lip. 

Though there are some negative aspects to these lip creams,  all in all I feel that they are a great introduction to liquid lipsticks both with their price and ease of application.


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