Hair refresh!

I have been coloring my hair for the past 10 years almost constantly. I rarely have had my natural hair color. Most recently, it has been fairly light blonde. As most people know, lightener (bleach) can do a number on your hair. My hair was fried. Split ends, breakage, frizzy and dry. I decided about a year ago that I would stop lightening it and grow out my natural color. I’ve been trimming it little by little until I had enough grow out to chop off a lot of the lightened hair at once. Now, this isn’t all my natural color still. I ended up adding a semi permanent lavender shade to the ends just to get rid of the brassy color but I’m getting pretty close to my all natural hair! It feels so much softer and healthier after the cut! Here’s a before and after pic:

I love how it looks and feels! Now, I’ll probably try growing out my natural color for a while and leave the nasty chemicals out of it!


Return from my long hiatus/ happy 2017

I know that I barely ever post on here, and haven’t in many many months. I’ll have tons of ideas for blog posts then get caught up in the busyness of everyday life and never get around to them.

The good news, though, is I finally have a phone with a nicer camera AND a tripod for my dslr so photographing blog posts will be a lot easier from now on. (When I do get around to it) 

I also wanted to take this opportunity to talk about this blog and more what I want it to be. I don’t want it to be /just/ about makeup. Or just about any one thing, really. I love to cook, I’m a mom, sometimes I exercise (haha), and I’d like this to be a place where I can share all of that.

I hope you readers (who are very few at this point) enjoy reading my posts, and I hope to have many more this coming year than I did last year. Happy 2017.

PSL inspired

Here’s a peak at a new look I’m currently working on!  Pumpkin spice latte inspired makeup. Loving the warm orange and golden shadows and nice warm bronzer to take new from summer into fall! ūüėć

All while looking like my favorite fall time drink! 

Keep your eyes out for a breakdown of the products used for this look and /possibly/ a step by step tutorial. 

Happy fall! ¬†Doll face makeup!

Yay! Fall is finally here! Okay,  I love fall and LOVE Halloween so,  as a little celebration of the coming season,  I did a little Halloween-y makeup today.  Porcelain doll makeup! This was my first time ever trying false lashes and it was so fun! 

This look was so so fun to do!  Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a full step by step tutorial on this look! 

This has definitely got me thinking up more Halloween makeup looks that I could do, too.

Unicorns Unite palette and update

Since I haven’t posted in almost two weeks,  here I am just promising I’m still alive and going to post super soon! 

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the palette I’ll be using in an upcoming post.  This is the unicorns unite palette by makeup revolution. I snagged this for about 10 dollars the same day I picked up my Carli Bybel palette. 

It features 12 shimmery shades and 6 matte shades along with a double ended sponge applicator. I thought that all of these colors were really fun abd a nice change from my usual nude eyeshadows.

Here’s swatches of the top row. As you can see,  some shades are definitely more buttery than others but they are all pretty pigmented.

This row swatched a lot easier, though a couple shades have some fallout. I really love this row as I don’t have many colorful shadows and I think all of these could be used to create some really fun looks. 

Here’s the last row,  of all matte shades.  I love that this palette has a mix of shimmer and matte shadows and all 6 of these are going to be perfect transition shades to go along with the rest of this palette.

All in all,  I’m really excited about this palette and think that it’s a really good quality for the price and can’t wait to play with it more. 

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed reading and be sure to keep your eye out for a new post featuring this palette!

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette swatches and first impressions

I’ve been really, really excited about this palette ever since I first saw it on the Ulta website. I love neutral eyeshadows more than anything and this blend of mattes and shimmer shades looked absolutely perfect. Not to mention the 4 highlighter shades! After eyeing it online for sometime,  I snatched this up impulsively on my way to the checkout at Ulta yesterday and I’m so glad I did. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to play around with it, yet, but here are my swatches and first impressions of this gorgeous palette!


The first thing I noticed when opening this palette,  the shades are gorgeous! I love the mix of matte and shimmer shades in the shadows.  The four highlights all look really pretty,  too and I’ll probably find a way to use all of them at some point or another. 


Though these shades feel pretty creamy,  swatching the matte shades from the first row was a little tricky. They also had some fallout when I tried to swatch them and they aren’t crazy pigmented.  I love the colors,  though  hope they show up better with a brush and primer when I try to use them. The shimmer shade swatches just fine,  though it’s a little hard to see on my skin.  


The second row swatched a lot  easier and I feel like I’m going to be going to these shimmer shades a lot.  Again,  the matte shade  in this row had some fallout but it swatched much easier than the lighter shades. 

Look at these highlights! I am so impressed by these!  They swatched so easily and they’re all so gorgeous! I love these highlights and they’re such a good deal for the quality! 

All in all,  based off of my first impressions, I’m still pretty impressed by this palette. Though some of the shades did disappoint me a little bit,  I’m going to try them with some primer and see if that helps them show up better. However,  for the price it is definitely worth it for those highlights and shimmer shadows, alone. I can’t wait to play around with this one some more! 

Color Correcting tutorial

I know I’ve mostly been doing reviews and favorites since I started this blog so I thought it was about time for a tutorial! As someone who’s super self concious about their dark circles, color correcting is definitely a godsend for me!


To start off, I prime my face. My favorite primer is Pore Filler by NYX cosmetics. Here’s my face with primer but no concealer or foundation (I did my brows ahead of time) you can see I have dark circles and a few blemishes on my chin.


Next, I correct my dark circles. I used a flat concealer brush like this one and drew large upside down triangles under my eyes using NYX cosmetics dark circle concealer in medium.

Now, taking my NYX Cosmetics concealer jar¬†in green, I draw a square over my chin concealing any blemishes I may have there. I thendraw around under my nose and on my cupid’s bow, and then cover my nose in the color as I am experiencing some redness in all of those places.


Now I apply foundation and blend accross my entire face. I used the Tarte Hybrid Gel Foundationin light sand and blended with a damp beauty sponge.


I know this step is hard to see on me but it really does help provide the fullest coverage and complete color correction. Using NYX concealer jar¬†in fair, I drew over my chin once again, under my eyes, my cupid’s bow, up the entire bridge of my nose, connecting to a nupside down triangleon my forehead.


I blended once again with a damp beauty sponge and here’s my color corrected foundation look before contour, highlight, eyes, or lips.



Here’s what this foundation process looks like with a full finished face of makeup on!

I used Tarte’s Swamp Queen palette for my eyes and contour (tutorial coming soon) and NYX liquid suede lipcream in sandstorm on my lips.

Thanks so much for reading and remember to subscribe so you can stay up to date with my tutorials and reviews!

My top 5 colourpop lippie stix

Colourpop has gained major popularity lately and with good reason. They are a great, low cost product whose quality stands up to some of their pricier competition. Bonus, they’re cruelty free and all they’re lippie stix and lipliners are vegan! Needless to say, I am a huge fan. With so many colors, it’s hard to pick just one favorite so here are my top five colourpop lippie stix!



(left to right) Cami, Hype Girl, Polite Society, Cookie, Aquarius

5. Cami (matte x)


This one is definitely the most different of all the shades that I’ve chosen. It’s more of a ¬†mauvey berry color and, as you saw from the swatches above, the rest of the colors fall more into the peachy and nude family. I love wearing this color¬†when I’m dressing up more or going out at night. This is this is the only shade I own in their matte x formula of lippie stix but I¬†love this formula and intend to get more of it. This one dries more than their regular matte formula (without drying out your lips!) to give you a really true matte finish while still leaving your lips so, so soft. Buy it¬†here

4. Hype Girl (matte)


A really beautiful peachy/ coral shade with a slight¬†blue undertone to it.¬†This one is a great everyday lippie. Honeslty, most days this spring and summer I’ve just been rotating between these shades and my NYX matte lip creams, depending on my mood. Buy it¬†here

3. Polite Society (matte)


Perfect spring/ summer lippie. It’s a beautiful coral color with orangey undertones. A shade like this can be used to brighten up a natural looking summer face or even be paired with a brown smokey eye for a more dramatic look. I don’t see it on their website right now, so maybe this one has been discontinued, I will look into it and update it when I find out.

2. Cookie (matte)


I have found my perfect nude lippie! Other nude lipsticks tend to be a little too light on my, or too brown. This one is absolutely perfect. I love pairing it with a nude eye for a sweet, natural look or with a really dramatic eye. It honestly is so versatile! Buy it here

  1. Aquarius (creme)



Browsing their website, I immediately¬†loved¬†the name of this one! I’m an aquarius and the name is honestly what sold me on this color. This is the only creme lippie stix that I own (I’m normally a matte girl) but I really love it. This shade is a really nice dusty rose and the creme formula gives it a nice, smooth finish with just a hint of shine. This is one of my go to lippies as it goes with such a wide variety of makeup looks. Buy it¬†here

What are your favorite coourpop shades? Do you prefer the lippie stix or are you more of a fan of their lip creams? Let me know in the comments?

Haven’t discovered colourpop yet? Check out their website¬†here


Dupe tester: Benefit brow zings VS E.L.F brow kit

Brows are HUGE right now! Everyone wants their brows to be perfect and personally,  I believe that a good brow pulls your entire look together. There are millions of different products for framing and filling in your brows out there but my personal favorite are waxes and powders. The most convenient is brow kits/ boxes which feature a colored brow wax or pomade, a powder,  and a brush. Benefit cosmetics has a great one called brow zings! Their version contains wax,  powder,  a double ended brush,  and a mini pair of tweezers.

This set is amazing and so easy to get your brows to perfection status quickly and easily. Unfortunately,  this kit is also a little pricey.  At $34 for one set, it does set you back a pretty penny. So obviously,  when I realized that my E.L.F brow kit that I had sitting around the house was essentially the same thing,  I decided to compare them.

Now obviously, ¬†as far as packaging goes, ¬†Benefit wins by far. ¬†It’s just a lot more fun and inviting looking. If I was going off of looks alone, I’d reach for ¬†brow zings.

Internally,  you can see that the products are fairly similar (for comparison I got a medium shade in both) the wax and powder in the E.L.F kit have a much higher  contrast  between them than the Benefit ones do. However,  once applied, the colors look almost identical.

The right brow has the Benefit brow kit and the left has E.L.F. As you can see,  the colors are pretty similar though I think the Brow Zings matches my natural brow color a little better.

Both of these formulas apply fairly smooth and easily. I prefer the brow zings brush because it’s more precise and is longer so it makes it easier to use. The E.L.F formula applies a little more smoothly but doesn’t stay in place as well or as long. ¬†The wax/pomade can run if you sweat too much unless you set it really well.

In general, ¬†I think the Brow Zings is definitely a higher quality product and I prefer it over E.L.F’s brow kit. However, the Benefit kit is $34 where the E.L.F one is only $3. So, when you take this into account I’d say that this is still a pretty good dupe if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to a higher end product without sacrificing too much quality.

If you’d like to put this dupe to the test yourself, here’s where you can find¬†Benefit brow zings¬†and here’s where you can find the¬†elf eyebrow kit

NYX soft matte lip creams swatches and review

I have an obsession.  I love lipstick. More specifically,  any sort of liquid lipstick.  Love,  love,  love. 

NYX is one of my absolute favorite drugstore brands.  The high quality and consistency throughout their products is well worth the (very reasonable) price.

I have a few different formulas of lippies from NYX but the one I have the most of is their soft matte lip creams. I have 5 different shades of these lip creams,  shown in the swatches below. 

The formula of these lip creams smells great,  like vanilla or cupcakes. They are fairly pigmented though they are thin which can be tricky during application.  You have to be sure your lips are exfoliated or the formula just will not stick. Also, I feel like the formula is inconsistent between the different shades that I have.  Some apply easily, in one layer and go on smoothly.  While others I need to apply multiple layers and I have trouble getting the color even across my whole lip. 

Though there are some negative aspects to these lip creams,  all in all I feel that they are a great introduction to liquid lipsticks both with their price and ease of application.